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Personalized Financial Coaching & Budget Management

Individualized and tailored coaching services for individuals and families, provided by a financial expert. I help people with financial literacy, financial education, budget management, and helping to navigate how to think and feel about money. Let me help you become financially independent and reach our goals!

How Can Financial Coaching Help You?

Reach Life Goals

Focus on building out life goals, with the a plan for how to reach those goals over time

Minimize Stress

Money can effect you on an emotional level. Understand how and when money introduces stress into your life, and how to minimize the stress over time.

Build Your Savings

Learning how to budget your money will help you gain a better understanding of where your money is going so that you can build your savings.

Master Tricks

Learn about specialized topics, including but not limited to: credit scores, inflation, lifestyle inflation, retirement and savings accounts.


Consultation About Finances

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Budget Management

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Financial Literacy & Education

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Financial Strategy & Planning

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Money Courses

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Access to Resources and Tools

"The best time to plant a  tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now"

Most people do not spend time on personal finances, but actively want to get started. It is never too late to get started! Let me help you make the jump to become a personal finance expert.

Unfortunately due to social stigma and a poor educational system, personal finance is not a naturally taught or understood topic, and is something that needs to be explicitly learned. As a financial coach, I’m someone who can help you learn how to build a relationship with the financial part of your life. I am here to help you build a relationship with your finances and understand how your emotions influence behaviors around money and vice versa. I act as a valuable resource to talk through money questions or issues, without needing to worry about social stigma or standards.

Nick is a financial expert with a background that includes:

Graduating from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley

10-year professional career in financial management & strategy

Successfully managed billions of dollars of corporate expenses

10 years of active successful investing in the stock market

Personal finance expert who’s built a net worth of >$1M in less than 10 years

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