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Consultation About Finances

Book an initial consultation to get started. In this meeting we’ll discuss: (1) financial issues (2) your current financial position (3) short-term financial goals (4) long-term financial goals. This meeting ensures that your coaching plan is individually tailored to your needs.

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Budget Management

Learn how to build an annual budget with monthly check-ins. This will create an annual savings plan while building a better understanding of where your money is going.

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Financial Strategy & Planning

I help to assess your financial situation and strategize a plan best fit for you. Personal finance is a lifelong journey, and despite how well you plan, you can never know what exactly will come up! For all of my clients, I am available to Twitter to answer any quick questions you may have at any point in time. I also offer 1 hour ad hoc sessions for more deep or complex questions.

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Financial Literacy & Education

Everyone has a different level of understanding when it comes to finance. Let me help teach you all that you need to know about your personal finances. The courses and templates are flexible for all existing knowledge levels.

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Money Courses & Content

I offer educational courses on curated topics! After the initial consultation, I will highlight some areas that I think we can spend more time on.
Examples of Courses Include: (1) A Complete Understanding of Credit; (2) Inflation and the Time Value of money; (3) Lifestyle Inflation and Impact to Savings; (4) Retirement Part #1: Myths of Retirement

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Access to Resources & Tools

Learn about specialized topics, including but not limited to: credit scores, inflation, lifestyle inflation, retirement and savings accounts. I offer different plans so you can access the tools you need to reach financial freedom!

Free Consultation

Book an initial free consultation to get started. In this meeting we’ll discuss:


(1) Financial issues

(2) Your current financial position

(3) Short-term financial goals

(4) Long-term financial goals.


I will also assess your current level of financial and investment education and understanding so that we know where to get you started and individually tailor a plan to your needs. Once the consultation is complete and I’ve assessed your financial situation and goals, I will recommend one of the 3 plan options below (under “Plans”).

To start your journey to financial freedom, make a consultation appointment:





  • Initial Consultation

  • Goal Setting

  • Budget Analysis

  • Budget Check-ins



Includes EVERYTHING in the Basic Plan plus:

  • 4 x Money Courses

  • Full Access to Current Resources, additional content, and financial tools



Includes EVERYTHING in the Standard Plan plus:

  • Lifetime Access to new Personal Finance Resources/Content

Hourly Rate


Separate to the plan options listed above, I offer my services at an hourly rate. This is for individuals who need additional focus sessions to discuss money problems, or need help outside of the plans I offer. For further information, feel free to ask about this option at your consultation.

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